QuikHire provides you with an integrated labour solution focused on warehousing, building and construction industries. With this specific focus, we strive for excellence in hiring and managing workforce’s for these industries.


We have a robust Quality Management System in place, with a comprehensive set of policies and guidelines to maintain the highest standards in quality of work.

We take extra care to find the right people for the job, with a comprehensive set of recruitment processes that follow strict guidelines. With the right workforce in place, we constantly assess the skills and performance of the workforce. We ensure that the necessary training is conducted to update their skills to the desired standards. Through constant assessment of their output, we make sure the work done by the teams lead to productivity and profitability. At every stage, the outcomes are measured and reviewed with a stringent scrutiny. With such a comprehensive quality management system, we ensure the best results every time.


Our aim is to lead the way in ethical sourcing of the employees. As a part of this process, we make sure every legal requirement is conformed to and necessary background checks and documentation are completed when hiring every person in the workforce.


We have a high focus on streamlining our processes with the aid technology and therefore utilise a state-of-the-art time and attendance software. The software is filled with features like its mobile timesheet app, GPS tracking and geo-fencing plus reporting.


This means from the click of a mobile app, scan of QR code or registering a kiosk device that the software will accurately register the total number of hours worked by an individual or team which make keeping track of hours spent on specific site or a mix of sites easier to manage and report.


The the system we can provide detailed work-related statistics for each worker so that their hours can be measured, analysed and improved. It ensures efficiency and helps you achieve cost-savings while meeting your goals per site or project.


QuikHire have all the required relevant insurances in place.

Labour Hire Public Liability Insurance

Policy number:  LCB171202970

Cover:  Public Liability Limit of Liability up to $20 million

WorkCover Insurance Policy

Policy number:  15134767

Cover: Liabilities under the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013 (and amendments)